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Radon mitigation is the process of removing radon from your home safely and efficiently. It is typically accomplished by sub-slab depressurization which reduces radon before it enters your home; however, there are other methods to choose from. During the free consultation, Radon Armor will help you decide which option is right for you and your budget. Radon Armor is licensed to mitigate through the Minnesota Department of Health.


Radon Armor utilizes state of the art continuous radon monitors that are calibrated annually and certified for use in real estate transactions. Radon Armor is licensed through the Minnesota Department of Health.

The radon monitor is placed in your home for 48 hours. Radon Armor then retrieves the device and the results are printed immediately and a copy of the report is given to you.

Price: $150



My trucks and trailer are unmarked. I will not show up advertising to your neighbors that your home is being tested or mitigated for radon. Your home is your sanctuary and I understand that fact.




I took my radon training at the University of Minnesota extension service. I am certified by the Minnesota Dept. Health to mitigate and test for radon. I hold the credentials, training and experience that every radon mitigation specialist should have.



I do understand that any home improvement/construction project can be a stressful enterprise. I take steps to minimize my intrusion in your home and into your life.


Quality Materials and Workmanship:

I like simple, clean and neat. I take pride in my work, and I would not install anything in your home that I would not install in mine. I offer a 5 year warranty on my mitigation systems. I also guarantee levels below 2 pCi/l, and often results will be below 1 pCi/l.


No Scare Tactics:

I am not here to scare you with radon information. The facts are on this website to read for yourself. Radon is a simple problem with a simple solution: mitigation.



With my overhead at a minimum, I can afford to craft a custom mitigation system for the most budget friendly prices.


Personal Service:

I enjoy what I do and I perform the testing and installations myself; you will not get a crew smelling like the night before in your home. You will deal with me and me only from start to finish. 



(651) 505-3555

Serving Dakota and South Washington County, MN

License # NRPP 109239RMT

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