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Cheri Hausladen


"Isaac was extremely quick to respond not only to my request for service, but to all of my questions. He went the extra mile to meet all of our needs with our mitigation system. It was refreshing to see this kind of dedication to customer satisfaction."

Connie Wanek


"We are picky about plumbing, as my husband (before retiring) used to do a lot of that. The work of Isaac Larson at Radon Armor is excellent: neat, well-planned, thoroughly well-done. He knows what he's doing and he does it very well."

Eric Young


"Isaac was very accommodating and professional during the entire radon mitigation process. I would highly recommend him to friends, family and neighbors."

Helen Clarke Ebert


"Isaac was quick, creative and responsive in identifying a radon mitigation solution for us and testing to ensure the system was working. We would highly recommend him!"

Nick Ferdelman


"Isaac was very timely and professional with the installation of a radon mitigation system in my home. He was also very knowledgeable and patient in answering all of my questions.

I will be contacting him if I need a radon mitigation solution in a future home."



"Isaac is the single best contractor I've worked with.

There's no BS.
He's flexible.
He's a professional with a good attitude.
Price was fair.
He follows through on what he says he'll do.
The workmanship is quality.
He went above and beyond for me.
No complaints; no regrets.

I had a Radon test done prior to signing up with Radon Armor. I was getting reads of 4 to 8 pCi/L depending on the day. After Radon Armor installed my system, my readouts are now consistently 0! I'd recommend him in a heartbeat. You'd be doing yourself a favor if you stopped the search here.

P.S. my name is hidden for privacy, but if you ask Isaac for a reference I'd be happy to provide one.Isaac is the single best contractor I've worked with."

Sam Sevenich


"Fast response and professional work! Radon Armor walked us through the entire process, answered all of our questions, and went the extra mile to hide the hardware out of sight.

A quote from another company wanted to cut through our counter top and deck. Issac took extra time to do a clean install without destroying our counter tops and hid the hardware under our deck. We are very happy with the work Issac has done and have peace of mind knowing we no longer have a Radon issue in our home."

Rory Richards


"I had bids from 3 companies and Isaac's bid came in much lower. He made a second trip to the house to confirm the measurements and to again explain how the system would be assembled. Isaac even painted the exterior tubing so it would match the vinyl siding. Good work at a fair price. Made sure to clean up after the job was completed. I would highly recommend Radon Armor."



Kathy Erie


"Isaac installed a radon system for us. Our reading after installation was 1.4 which is a very good reading. He is easy to work with and did an excellent installation. We highly recommend him.

Jenn A


"My radon level was 14... unnervingly high but after Isaac installed the mitigation system the level was well below zero. The cost was reasonable as well...he installed the mitigation system and a sump pump for the same cost that I was quoted for the mitigation system alone by other companies.
On a side note...he noticed I took out a wall and mentioned he could fix the hole in my ceiling. I had an appraiser coming out and he fixed the ceiling as well as a bunch of other items that needed to be fixed. Some of which needed attention for well over a decade!"
Excellent work and would highly recommend."


John Deutsch


"Isaac was very professional. Everything looks great and as aesthetic/low profile as possible. He even made sure it didn't take up much of our precious storage space downstairs. Radon Armor had some of the best rates we could find which was particularly important since we were moving but the best part is that it works. We got our levels from 5 down to 0.2 and the test was done on the opposite side of the house as the radon mitigation system!"

Dan Kramer


"Fantastic quality with great results. Went from 5.2 to less than 0.3. Isaac did a great job installing our radon mitigation system off of our sump system in a day. Great see through sump pump lid and even redid the existing sump pump pvc. Took care to hide the pipe from street view. Really went above and beyond. Completely recommend Radon Armor."

David Besse

"Isaac was Isaac was a true professional. The system he installed brought my house from 5 pCi/L down to less than 1 pCi/L. Isaac did all the work to include the estimate and testing afterwards. He treated my house with respect and worked with me to get the pvc installed right where I wanted it... and he was the most affordable of the companies I reached out to. Thanks again Isaac."

Karma Gurung

"Isaac was fantastic to work with. He showed up on time pre installation, investigated the house thoroughly and explained the process he would perform to install the Radon Mitigation System. On the day of installation, he was on time, installed the Radon Mitigation System in a very clean manner without any trace of trash and was very easy to work with. He explained the process to perform retest perfectly and now the Radon level is at 0.4 pCi/L

I would highly recommend Radon Armor for anyone looking to install mitigation system in their house. I am glad I did and you will too."

jeremiah dehmlow


Isaac went over what needed to be done and gave me a written estimate. Showed up on time and did an amazing job. He was very professional. Took precautions to keep the house clean and the install looking good. Amazing experience. Highly recommend using Radon Armor. Thanks Isaac!

Steve Gavanda


"It was wonderful working with Isaac!

I really appreciated the efforts he went to to complete the remediation work. He explain his processes, and the benefits behind the work he was doing. He was very understanding of our schedule. And did very clean, quality work. It made things simple to understand every step of the way, and even simpler to justify having the remediation work done.

We have already been referring friends and family to Radon Armor. Anyone looking for help with Radon testing or remediation, who appreciates professional, quality work would do well to give Isaac a call.t was wonderful working with Isaac!"

Lisa Bauer

"I was selling my home and had a radon test that came back high with the buyer's inspection. I requested a re-test at my own expense, and had a very limited window of time in order to make this happen due to the terms of the purchase agreement. On top of that, it was over a holiday weekend and I was in the process of moving out of the area. One call to Radon Armor saved me. Not only did Isaac Larson answer the call, he offered to be at my house within an hour to drop off the testing unit. How many contractors listen to your story, understand the time complexities that are involved, and go above and beyond like Isaac did?

I ended up having to install a mitigation system. Isaac's price was well below others that my realtor had told me about. He communicated every step of the way with not only me, but with my realtor. His professionalism, compassion, and trustworthiness are a rare find. I suggested to my realtor that they refer future clients to him.

I would recommend him without any hesitation. Not only was his work amazing, but he is as well."



"I was looking for a radon company that was local, I came across Radon Armor and contacted Isaac who was able to accommodate our busy schedule. When he first ran the test our levels were high at 4.2 leading us to take action right away. Isaac suggested that we put in a Radon mitigation system. He was knowledgeable and explained the process to us every step of the way. After installation of the system we ran the test again and our levels are now 0.02 and the air in our home is cleaner than the air outside. We are very pleased and satisfied with his work and would recommend him for all your Radon needs!"

Brienne Lenertz


"I recently had the Radon levels in my home checked by Radon Armor and I was relieved to find out that they were low. Isaac was extremely professional, and he was right on time for my appointment. He answered every question that I had with lots of knowledge and information. I would and have recommend Radon Armor to everyone that I know! Thanks Isaac for giving me and my family peace of mind!"

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